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Alvi Tel (Pvt)Limited                           wifi-calling-tmobile Mob: +8801727193213

Alvi Tel (Pvt) Limited has special offers for companies, which have high volume of international phone calls. Our retail price-list can reduce costs for telephone calls and keep the perfect voice quality.We will be glad to review requests from companies with no matter of their business line, – whether it is an airport or small call-shop business.

Alvi Tel (Pvt) Limited can provide you with secure, fast and quality telephone services all over the globe.All our routes have premium voice quality, supports CLI and updated once a month. You may check  our retail prices for A-Z destinations.If your business team have majority of calls to several separate countries (for example, you primarily call to Germany and Austria) – we will be glad to discuss rates , especially for you.

Alvi Tel (Pvt) Limited maintains long term relationships with PTT’s, incumbents MVNO’s and MNO’s from all over the world.We have interconnected with over 150 network providers around the globe. This enables us to successfully operate as a prominent carrier services provider that is globally competitive in terms of cost and availability through a well devised A-Z call termination.

We consistently monitor the traffic on our wholesale trunks to ensure that connected carriers, whether through unilateral or bilateral agreements, are being offered the highest quality of wholesale carrier services. Our quality of service is measurable through benchmarks like Answer-Seizure Ratio and Average Call Duration.